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Postdoctoral position : Study of coherence properties and pulse duration of an ultra-fast laser plasma X-ray source

Project :

Since few years LP3 laboratory is developing a sub-picosecond high brightness Kα X-ray source (17.4 KeV) obtained by the interaction of an intense and ultra-short Ti : Sa laser beam (25 fs -10 TW - 100 Hz) with a molybdenum target for phase contrast imaging and time resolved X-ray diffraction studies. Up to know the source has been precisely characterized for temporal contrast ratios in the range of 1.7 × 107- 3.3 × 109 and on three decades of intensity 1016 - 1019 W/cm². Recently, a high value of 2 × 1010 photons/sr/s has been obtained at 10 Hz and I 1019 W/cm². We also characterized the X-ray source size (from 6 to 40 µm).

The present open position is to go to the next step of X-ray source development and application studies e.g. :

  • Achieve a higher brightness source by increasing the laser repetition rate to 100 Hz and reducing the source size.
  • Characterize the coherence of the source in correlation with phase contrast imaging.
  • Study the X-ray pulses duration by an appropriate diagnostic setup. To perform the experimental work the post-doc will benefit from the outstanding facilities of the platform ASUR (Applications of Ultra-Fast Laser sources : located on the campus of Luminy in Marseille - France.

Requirements : a PhD in physics with expertise in the following experimental areas : laser - matter Interaction, Plasmas, X-ray source.

Funding : 6 to 9 months

Contact : Sentis Marc, DR CNRS, ;

Practical information :The post-doctoral position is granted for 6 to 9 months for candidate of European nationality exclusively. The monthly salary depends on the applicant qualification and is between 2,100 - 2,370 net euros for less than 2 years after Ph.D. defense applicants and 3,100 net euros after. Immediate starting is possible.

Key words : High power short pulse laser, plasma physics, laser plasma X-ray source, pump and probe, experiment.

Application deadline is December 31, 2017.

How to apply :Applications shall be made by email to Marc Sentis (, enclosing a cover letter, a detailed curriculum, a list of publications, and any other relevant documents (e.g. letters of recommendation sent directly from their authors).