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2014-03-25 - N.N. Nedyalkov - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgarie

Laser-assisted techniques for nanostructure fabrication

Different nanostructure fabrication techniques based on laser interaction with solid matter developed in Micro and Nanophotonics Lab at Institute of Electronics are presented. These include top-down and bottom –up approaches in nanostructure fabrication. In the first type, solid targets are decomposed into nanostructures due to phase transition (ablation or melting) induced by the laser radiation. It is shown that laser annealing of thin metal films on dielectric substrate may results in fabrication of monolayer of well defined nanoparticles with narrow size distribution. Direct fabrication of nanoparticles by ultrashort laser ablation of solid target is also demonstrated. Laser ablation of solid target in water is used for fabrication of contamination-free gold andsilver colloids. This technique provides production of colloids with controllable characteristics. The developed bottom-up techniques for nanostructure growth are based on Pulsed Laser Deposition method. On its basis noble metal and semiconductor nanorods and spherical nanoparticles are deposited on different substrates. The properties of the fabricated nanostructures are analyzed and discussed from the viewpoint of practical applications. Demonstrations of such applications in the field of high sensitive material detection are presented.