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LP3 has many collaborations with French national research units (CNRS, INSERM, Universities of Lyon, Bordeaux, Orléans …), the CEA (Cadarache, Saclay, …) and the laboratories of Aix-Marseille University. These links are enhanced with the participation to national structures like the GdR AppliX and Aco-Chocolas, the research federation on magnetic confinement fusion, some technological networks (femtosecond lasers, plasmas) and the Institute on Lasers and Plasmas.

Thanks to its activities on laser processes, LP3 established strong links with industries. We are members of some competitiveness clusters on Photonics and imaging (OPTITEC), Microelectronics (SCS) and Energy (CapEnergies). Our main applications are related to microelectronics and photovoltaic, optical components and systems, health and life sciences, micro-manufacturing.

At the international level we are involved in some FP7 and H2020 European projects (LaserMicroFab, ALABO …) and Euripides, and LP3 is a European host laboratory for its laser infrastructures through the laserlab-Europe project. Some bilateral projects are founded by national programs like PICS or PHC, in particular with Bulgaria, Russia and Serbia. Our main European partners are l’IESL-FORTH and NTUA (Greece), INFLPR (Romania), University of Salento and INRIM (Italy), the Universities of Potsdam and Gottingen (Germany), University of Barcelona (Spain), Lomonosov State University, Lebedev Institut and MEPHI (Russia), Institut of electronics of Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria), University of Belgrade (Serbia), Oxford Lasers and the Universities of Manchester and Southampton (United Kingdom), Paul Scherrer Institut and EMPA (Switzerland). Beyond Europe, we have also active collaborations with the Australian National University at Canberra in Australia, the Universities of Ottawa and Sherbrooke and INRS in Montreal in Canada, the University of Harvard and the New-York State University (USA) and the University of Oran in Algeria.