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Interaction of ultrashort lasers with dielectrics

Contact : N. Sanner

Keypoints : Dynamics of laser-matter interaction in ultrashort regime. Highly resolved pump – probe experiments.

We use experimental approaches based on optical pump-probe arrangements to measure the absorption of an ultrashort laser (10-500 fs) at the surface of a dielectric material (fused silica, sapphire). Coupled with numerical modeling and simulations, developed in close collaboration with other laboratories (LPC - Canberra, Australia, CELIA - Bordeaux, France, 45052 PICS), our results allow us to unveil the dynamics and efficiency of the process of laser energy deposition at the surface of a material.

The gained knowledge provides important information for ablation of dielectric materials. We further seek to increase the control of laser - matter interaction and especially the critical phase of the laser energy deposition into the excited material to develop highly efficient and highly controlled micromachining processes at the surface of optical materials or components.

Our efforts also include the development of additional diagnostic tools to further increase our knowledge of the interaction between an ultrashort laser pulse and matter in the ablation/structuration regime (in closed link with the development of X-ray sources and probes on ASUR platform, see 4).

Some examples of results or achievements...

Interaction laser – silice fondue en régime ultracourt. A) Dynamique de l'absorption. B) Durée effective de l'absorption en fonction de la fluence. C) Déterminisme de l'ablation à 7 fs. Laser Interaction with fused silica in ultrashort regime. A) Dynamics of absorption. B) Effective duration of absorption as a function of fluence. C) Deterministic ablation at 7 fs.

To learn more…

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