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Laser Damage

Contact : Olivier UTEZA

Keypoints : Laser damage with ultrashort pulsed laser (fs). Test-bench available for evaluation of laser damage of materials or optical components.

Since 2006, we have developed a metrology of laser damage with short (ns) and ultrashort (fs) laser pulses. Our expertise is now centered on the study and measurement of laser damage behavior of materials with femtosecond pulses (10 fs - 500 fs). This topic benefits from the continuous developments of the lab in the analysis of laser-matter interaction in ultrashort regime (see other research topics 1, 3-4).

We are also concerned by the important technological developments around high peak-power lasers. We thus operate a laser damage test-bench able to measure the damage thresholds of various optical elements (mirrors, laser windows, gratings, etc.) and materials (dielectrics, semiconductors, metals) submitted to ultra-intense laser exposure. These test services is of interest for public research and industry and among our last achievements, let us cite damage evaluation for : CILEX-Apollon, LLE Rochester USA, RAL - UK, Thales-SESO, REOSC or Amplitude Technologies.

We are also increasing the capabilities of our test-bench, including the possibility to work under various environments and irradiation geometries (air, vacuum, cover gas, small/large beam). The objectives are twofold : i) to collect new data for enhanced knowledge and understanding of the critical parameters yielding to laser damage and ii) to provide increased opportunities of measurements and tests for the scientific community.

Some examples of achievements...

Laser damage. A) Optical set-up @ 10 fs. Laser damage of Ti:Sa crystals (B) and gratings (C).

To learn more…

1. CHIMIER B., UTEZA O., SANNER N., SENTIS M., ITINA T., LASSONDE P., LEGARE F., VIDAL F., KIEFFER J.C. – Damage and ablation thresholds of fused silica in femtosecond regime : relevant physical criteria and mechanisms –Phys. Rev. B. 84, 094104, 2011.

2. BUSSIERE B., UTEZA O., SANNER N., SENTIS M., RIBOULET G., VIGROUX L., COMMANDRE M., WAGNER F., NATOLI J.-Y, CHAMBARET J.P. - Bulk laser-induced damage threshold of Titanium doped Sapphire crystals – Applied Optics 51 (32), 7826-33, 2012.

3. PASQUIER C., BLANDIN P., CLADY R., SANNER N., SENTIS M., UTEZA O., LI YU, SHEN YAN LONG – Handling beam propagation in air for nearly 10-fs laser damage experiments – Optics Communications 355, 230–238, 2015.

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