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Laser, Optics and Matter

Contact : Olivier UTEZA

We study laser - matter interaction in ultrashort pulse regime (10 fs - 500 fs). We use mainly experimental approaches with pump-probe set-ups routinely operated on the LP3 laser platforms : ASUR and LAMP. Our researches seek to improve the knowledge of laser-matter interaction in femtosecond regime and to develop laser-based processes and advanced diagnostics tools for controlled structuring and high-resolution imaging of matter.

The main research topics currently developed are the following :

1- Study of laser interaction with dielectrics in ultrashort regime by pump-probe techniques (Contact : N. SANNER).

2- Study and Measurement of damage of optical materials or components in femtosecond regime (contact : Olivier UTEZA).

3- Space-time study of intense infrared laser interactions inside semiconductors (Contact : D. GROJO).

4- Development of X-ray secondary sources induced by laser-produced plasmas for imaging and materials analysis (contact : M. SENTIS).

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