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Laserlab Europe

The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures II - Contract Nr. 228334 Laserlab flyer


LASERLAB-EUROPE is in the second phase of its successful cooperation in new shape : LP3 participates in the Consortium involving 26 Laser Research Infrastructures from 16 European member states. LP3 and 20 facilities offer Access to their labs for European research teams.

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Call for proposals

LP3 and other LASERLAB-EUROPE institutions are funded under the current Transnational Access To Research Infrastructures Programme of the European Commission to provide access to researchers or research teams of Member States and Associated States. Within the cluster LP3 offer state-of-the-art scientific laser equipments and research environments with a wide range of research opportunities, allowing for today’s most advanced light-matter interaction experiments in broad regimes of power, (...)

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Access Facilities at LP3

The LP3 infrastructure is mainly devoted to study laser interaction at medium intensity with a highlight on UV laser interaction from fs, ps to ns pulse duration with the possibility to study laser interaction at high repetition rate and high average power.

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