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Le laboratoire LP3 propose différents contrats de type "postdoc" pour appuyer ses activités de recherche.

Si vous souhaitez effectuer un postdoc sur un sujet de recherche du LP3 qui n’apparait pas dans les propositions ci-dessous, prenez contact avec les chercheurs identifiés comme responsables ou contact pour cette thématique.

Laser experiment

Postdoctoral position : Study of coherence properties and pulse duration of an ultra-fast laser plasma X-ray source

Project : Since few years LP3 laboratory is developing a sub-picosecond high brightness Kα X-ray source (17.4 KeV) obtained by the interaction of an intense and ultra-short Ti : Sa laser beam (25 fs -10 TW - 100 Hz) with a molybdenum target for phase contrast imaging and time resolved X-ray diffraction studies. Up to know the source has been precisely characterized for temporal contrast ratios in the range of 1.7 × 107- 3.3 × 109 and on three decades of intensity 1016 - 1019 W/cm². Recently, (...)

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Postdoctoral position : Extreme Light Seeded Control of Ultrafast Laser Material Modifications

High-peak power compact femtosecond lasers allow strong-field interactions that are the basis for high-precision laser micro-fabrication. They also create extreme conditions within the matter, leading to the generation of rainbow light used to produce even shorter pulses and new frequencies that can extend from the X-ray to the TeraHertz domain. However, due to the low conversion efficiencies, these attractive light pulses remain unexploited in the context of laser nano-/micro-fabrication.

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