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2011-01-18 - Matthieu BAUDELET - Townes Laser Institute, USA

"Lasers and plasmas for analytical laser spectroscopy and sensing at the Townes Laser Institue"

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2011-01-31 - Luca BOARINO, Nastacia DE LEO - Instituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Italie

"Silicon micro and nanostructures on large area obtained by natural lithography and metal assisted etching"

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2011-04-05 - Annemie BOGAERTS - University of Antwerp, Belgique

"Computer modeling for a better understanding of laser ablation, plume expansion and plasma formation"

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2011-06-09 - Alessio PERRONE - University of Lecce, Italie

"State of the art of metallic photocathodes for bright electron source applications"

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2011-07-13 - Vitaly KONOV - General Physics Insitute of Moscow, Russie

"Laser micro and nanoprocessing of diamond materials"

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2011-10-07 - Jan DUBOWSKI - University of Sherbrooke, Canada

"Laser-based bandgap nanoengineering and biosensing"

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