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Interaction of ultrashort lasers with dielectrics

Contact : N. Sanner Keypoints : Dynamics of laser-matter interaction in ultrashort regime. Highly resolved pump – probe experiments. We use experimental approaches based on optical pump-probe arrangements to measure the absorption of an ultrashort laser (10-500 fs) at the surface of a dielectric material (fused silica, sapphire). Coupled with numerical modeling and simulations, developed in close collaboration with other laboratories (LPC - Canberra, Australia, CELIA - Bordeaux, France, (...)

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Laser Damage

Contact : Olivier UTEZA Keypoints : Laser damage with ultrashort pulsed laser (fs). Test-bench available for evaluation of laser damage of materials or optical components. Since 2006, we have developed a metrology of laser damage with short (ns) and ultrashort (fs) laser pulses. Our expertise is now centered on the study and measurement of laser damage behavior of materials with femtosecond pulses (10 fs - 500 fs). This topic benefits from the continuous developments of the lab in the (...)

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