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Characterization of laser-produced plasmas

The mechanisms involved into laser ablation are complex, in particular for irradiation with nanosecond pulses under ambient gas at atmospheric pressure. Thus, there does not exist any model that allows one to predict the plasma properties as functions of the material properties and the irradiation conditions.

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Laser plasma for investigations of atomic or molecular structure

According to their small size and high brilliance, plasmas produced by pulsed lasers are ideal emission sources for the study of the atomic or molecular structure.

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Generation and detection of small particles

In addition to the atomized vapor, laser-produced plasmas may contain small particles. The particles are generated during the ablation process or formed by condensation in the expanding vapor plume.

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Material analysis via laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is an emerging analytical technique that takes advantage from the combination of several features : LIBS enables rapid measurements in ambient air without any requirement of sample preparation.

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